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4 Things You Need To Cash A Check

4 things you need to cash a check
4 things you need to cash a check

Everyday we get phone calls from awesome customers asking, “What do you need to cash a check?”, so we thought we’d make a quick post about everything you need to bring with you to cash a check. Here’s a quick overview with a more detailed explanation below:

  1. Your check
  2. Your check stub
  3. A valid government-issued photo ID
  4. Additional documentation

The Check

The first thing you need to cash a check is the check. Sounds simple, but it’s more to it. The type and condition of the check is a very important factor into your ability to successfully get your check cashed.

What Type of Check Do You Have?

Different check cashing stores cash different types of checks. Do you have a payroll check, a personal check, an insurance claims check, a settlement check, a loan check, a tax refund check, I could go on and on. When deciding what you need to cash a check, it’s important to take into consideration if the check cashing store you are going to will cash the type of check that you have. The best way to do this is to call ahead. At Value Check Cashing Near Me, you can click our check pre-verification button on our website to see if we’re able to cash your check before coming in.

What Condition Is Your Check In?

Your check should be dry, not torn or crumbled, with only the marks and writings of the issuer on the check. Checks that are wet, ripped, have been washed or even pre-endorsed may not be cashed.

What is a pre-endorsed check?

Pre-endorsed checks are checks that have the recipients signature already on the back of the check before the recipient enters the store. Check must be endorsed in the presence of the teller. If your check is pre-endorsed, it greatly decreases your chances of getting it cashed. If a check cashing store asks you to sign your check before they verify the check, ask them to verify first so you still have the ability to cash the check somewhere else if they are unable to cash it.

What if your check was issued over 30 days ago?

Tellers will pay attention to the issue date on your check. Most banks will validate a check that was written as far back as 90 days from the issue date. But every bank is different. Some will only validate a check for 30 days after it was issued. If you need to cash a check where the allowable time period on your check has passed, reach back out to the issuer and ask them to re-issue the check.

The Check Stub

When learning what you need to cash a check, the check stub isn’t something that usually comes up. But if you’re a new customer looking to get your check cashed, your check stub can be a tremendous help. Why? Check stubs hold additional information that could aid your store’s tellers in getting your check verified. The check stub also adds to the legitimacy of the check.

Valid Government-Issued Photo ID

Bringing a valid government-issued photo ID is the second most important thing to have with you when understanding what you need to cash a check. Your ID helps to establish your identity as the payee of the check.

Does it have to be a driver’s license? Not necessarily. Many check cashing stores will takes various forms of ID, including forms of ID from other countries. Just like calling will help in determining if your check cashing store of choice will cash your type of check, doing the same thing will help you know if that store will take the type of ID you have when you need to cash a check.

Value Check Cashing Near Me allows customers to use either US or foreign government issued photo ID verify identity when cashing a check. If you don’t have a valid government-issued photo ID, ask your check cashing store if they allow alternative forms of identity verification.

Also check out the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s process for getting a driver’s license or state ID. It may be easier than you think.

Additional Information

There are times where the teller will ask for additional information about your identity, your employer, your role at the company, or other questions. When you need to cash a check being able to provide any additional information will help in the verification process and increase the chances of getting your check cashed.