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Don’t Sign Your Check Until After It’s Verified- Tips For Check Cashing


Do you want to increase your chances of getting your check cashed? Wait to sign your check until after it’s been verified by the teller at the check cashing store. Most check cashing stores in Tulsa will require you to endorse (sign) the back of your check in the presence of the teller before cashing the check. Many won’t even cash your check if it’s already endorsed.

Because of this, it’s important for customers to wait until the teller is able to verify their check before endorsing the back. 

Waiting to the endorse the back of the check allows you to take it to another check cashing store if the current teller isn’t able to verify the check.

If you’re cashing your check at a check cashing store in Tulsa you’ve never been to before, ask them to verify the check before endorsing the back. Most tellers will understand and happily comply.

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