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What To Do If Your Check Is Denied At A Check Cashing Store

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Nobody thinks it will happen to them until it does…

Rejection is apart of life…

No, I’m not giving you a pep talk about getting turned down by your crush when asking them out on a date. I’m talking about check cashing.

You walk into a check cashing store with your valid ID and dreams of all the wonderful things you’re going to do with the mother load of cash you’re about to score; and the next thing you know you’re walking out empty handed, confused and a more than a little frustrated.

What happened?!?

You were denied. You were told they couldn’t cash your check. Now what do you do?

Stay Calm.

Don’t get rude with the teller that’s helping you.

Don’t grab your check in a fit of rage and storm out of the store in a profanity laced tirade.

Simply acknowledge what the teller told you, and very politely ask why.

Why is “Why” important?

Understand that the teller’s initial response is just a temporary obstacle you have to overcome on your path to accomplish your goal. Your goal is to cash your check. Politely asking “why” is the first step towards finding a solution to get you your goal.

Sometimes you’ll find that the verification process was unable to be completed due to the verifying institutions being closed. Easy solution: wait until the next business day. Other times it may be due to the teller contacting the wrong issuer. Solution: Reaching out to the manager at the local restaurant might be easier than getting ahold of the head of HR at the national headquarters. It might even be because the check cashing store has exhausted all of their available cash for the day. Solution: Go to another check cashing store. That’s an easy one.

The point is, staying calm and asking why helps keep you in the frame of mind to find the best solution to accomplish your goal of getting your check cashed.